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BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj Give Warning to the Voters ‘You will Face sin’

Posted on: 15 Apr 2019 19:00 by Ghamasan India

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj Give Warning to the Voters ‘You will Face sins’
There is a very big example of how the candidates are giving their threat to their voters. You have to know Sakshi Maharaj that this Unnao candidate from the Bharatiya Janata Party is a candidate from the Lok Sabha and his real name is Dr. Sachchidanand Hari aka witness Maharaj always keeps discussions about his statements. This time he has given a new statement. He said that if people have Are not will he threaten you’ll be directly to voters or that I am a monk and let me know if you did not vote, I will then run your sins put in your bag

Sakshi Maharaj has also mentioned the things written in the scriptures behind the threat. He said when a sage asks for alms and does not get it, then takes the virtue of the householder

If you did not even vote for a monk, then I will give my sins to you. They also said that I am not demanding wealth or wealth demanding votes from the people. Overall, the testimony of Sakshi Maharaj remains a matter of discussion, people say If he did not vote for Sakshi Maharaj then would their sins come to the house of the people?


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