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First Ever Real Image of a Black-Hole

Posted on: 15 Apr 2019 18:57 by Ghamasan India

First Ever Real Image of a Black-Hole.

Today we talk about a girl who create the First Ever Real Image of a Black-Hole.

Yes, for the first time this girl has seen the picture of black hole. In the campaign of black holes, many such scientists were engaged but the most discussed among these is the girl named Catherine Woman.

About Woman, it is said that she has played a key role in preparing the image of a black hole, which looks dark in the middle and looks yellow in the middle, being said that 29-year-old graduate Woman is using algorithms The image has been prepared, he issued a photo on Facebook, sitting in front of the computer and assembling this photo

It is also being said that Catherine, who has done this great discovery, has not had any major careers, she is knowledgeable of computer algorithms, but she used to put data raised by space science into a useful picture.


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