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गुस्साई BJP नेता Bharti Ghosh ने क्या कह दिया

Posted on: 07 May 2019 18:41 by Ghamasan India

गुस्साई BJP नेता Bharti Ghosh ने क्या कह दिया

‘UP has called thousands of people. He will take you out of the house and kill them like dogs. It is said that Bharti Ghosh, the BJP candidate from Bengal. Ghosh, who was an IPS officer, was considered close to Mamta Banerjee. Ghosh’s video has become viral, in which he is threatening the Trinamool Congress workers.
Ghosh, reached Ghantal in Anandpur village, where people complained that the workers of TMC are threatening to cast votes. On this, Ghosh’s mercury reached the seventh heaven. Threatening the workers of TMC, he said that if people threaten to not vote, then I will take you out of the house as dogs. I have called thousands of people from UP to kill you. Mamta Banerjee says that it would be better if I do not open my mouth on Ghosh. They should talk and stay in the extent. Trinamool Congress Secretary Partha Chatterjee says that Ghosh has threatened people. Talking to kill Election Commission should take strict action against them.


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