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LATEST_NEWS : TikTok Ban Removed | TikTok Will Be Back In India Soon

Posted on: 26 Apr 2019 11:18 by Ghamasan India

LATEST_NEWS : TikTok Ban Removed | TikTok Will Be Back In India Soon

There is a great news for desperate users from the bay on the Tik Tok. Today, the Supreme Court has asked the Madras High Court to consider the interim stay order on the Tik Tok till April 24 in the hearing of the case of Ban on Tik Tok.

The Supreme Court has said that if the Madras High Court does not consider the matter till April 24, then the stopping on the Tik Tok will be lifted. In fact, with the ban on Tik Tok in India, the company had filed an application in the Supreme Court that the company was suffering a lot.

However, before this, the Supreme Court had refused to ban the High Court’s decision, but now the Tik Tok App case is in the Supreme Court. On the verdict of the Madras High Court, the company has petitioned in the Supreme Court and the petition has sought a ban on the order of the High Court.

In the last few days, the Madras High Court had instructed the central government to ban the download of the Tik Tok app in the country as it is spreading obscene content. The court also ordered the media not to broadcast videos made from this app. After the High Court’s directive, the central government had asked Google and Apple to write an application to stop the download of the app. On which Google and Apple had removed the Tik Tok app.


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