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Sri Lanka Bomb Blast | Bombings on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka | Colombo Blast

Posted on: 04 May 2019 14:24 by Ghamasan India

Bombings on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

There were six serial blasts one after the other in Sri Lanka on Sunday morning. Explosions in 4 churches and 2 hotels in Colombo According to the media report, 185 people died in the bomb blasts, while 350 people were injured. It is being told that in the morning on Easter Sunday, the Christian Community Program was going on in the church. Meanwhile, the bomb blasted, in which 160 people died. Meanwhile, there is a report of explosions in Colombo’s Shangri-La Hotel and Kingsbury Hotel.

Meanwhile another big news is coming out. There is another big in Sri Lanka’s Colombo. According to reports, two people have died in this blast. And about 500 people have been injured.

According to media reports, there were explosions in the churches of Batticaloa, Nagongo and Colombo in Sri Lanka. At the same time, 3 Hotel Bombs including Hotel Shangriela and Kingsbury have been torn apart. Initially, the death rate was 10, but gradually the figure reached 160, while 350 people were injured. However, it has not been revealed till now that whose hand is behind these bomb blasts. Rescue work was in progress until the news was written.


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