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Loksabha Election 2019 : Why this beautiful woman called Revolver Rani

Posted on: 15 Apr 2019 18:48 by Ghamasan India

Loksabha Election 2019 : Why this beautiful woman called Revolver Rani. It is a strange and surprising thing even if a woman candidate fighting a Lok Sabha election has a revolver

And what can they be in danger and especially in such a situation that her husband is an IAS officer, but it is true that Pramila Singh, contesting from Loksabha’s Shahdol, has a license revolver and hence she is also called Revolver Queen. Congress has given ticket to Pramila Singh and it is said that she has been very popular in her area, Shahdol has been her work area. S they have been highly publicized in helping to move around among voters

She is also among the voters in the midst of heavy heat. Now the point of view is that in the name of Pramila Singh there is a licensing revolver but her husband, who is an IAS officer, and Amarpal Singh has a pistol and a revolver There is also a license for the question, that the husband has two licensed guns in the same house and the wife has a licensee revolver

What is the reason that three-three licensed arms are kept in the same house?

Now, if they talk about their property, then Pramila Singh has declared assets worth Rs. 72 lakhs and she has fixed assets of Rs. 52 lakhs but the biggest thing is that she has taken a loan of 35 lakhs


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