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Ajay Devgan Daughter Nysa Devgan Trolled For Not Wearing Pants At Airport | Bollywood

Posted on: 12 Apr 2019 17:52 by Ghamasan India

What did she wear Ajay Devgan’s daughter, Nyasa?Troll happened, Ajay Devgan fluttered

Besides the stars, their children also get media attention. Where do they go, what do they all want to know. But Ajay Devgan does not like all that his children will always be captured that their children are always captured.

During a recent interview, Ajay said, “I appeal to Pappaji to capture at least children. I feel that no child is comfortable in front of Paparaji. They want their space. He does not want to leave the house whenever he comes out of the house wearing the dressing dresser. ‘

Ajay said in the meantime, when the troll took over the clothes of her daughter, she said, ‘Nyaasa was trolled when she did not wear pants. Nyasa is just 14 years old and I think that many times people forget about it and talk a lot of unconscious talk. During her marriage, Nyasa wore long shirts and shorts with her. Shorts were not seen due to the length of the shirt, then people trolled it. ‘

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Let me tell you that Ajay has said before that that Nyasa was first affected by trolling, but no longer.


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