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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Duryodhana | Dhrishastra and Dushashan still present in Uttar Pradesh?

Posted on: 24 Apr 2019 15:28 by Ghamasan India

O God, there is also Duryodhana Jarasand and Dushyasan as a voter…
Know how much Draupadi is in the queue
हे भगवान यहां तो दुर्योधन जरासंध और दुशासन भी मतदाता है! जाने कितनी द्रौपदी भी है कतार में?

There is a big discussion going on in Uttar Pradesh for the names of voters. There is a flood of religious names in the UP voter list. Mathura in the city of Lord Krishna, which is in Uttar Pradesh. The names of six and six lakh voters in Uttar Pradesh are named after Lord Krishna and 30 lakh names are on the Gita.

Apart from this, names of 9 lakh people are Arjun and 26 lakh people are Sanjay. Generally, there is no name for women named Draupadi, but in Uttar Pradesh 9 thousand women are Draupadi.

Now you will say that Duryodhana’s name does not really want to keep anyone but that is not the name of 6 thousand people Duryodhan is also there. Apart from this, there are thousands of names like Nakul, Sahdev, Abhimanyu and Yudhishthira Bhishma.

In Mathura, there is a trend of saying Radhe Radhe anyway and the name of more than 9 lakh women voters is Radha whereas men’s name is Mohan and Krishna. Election Commission is also very surprised to know who will keep their names like Bharat Dhritarashtra, Duryodhan and Dushasan. It is obvious that all of them may also be fake, hence these names are being scrutinized.


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