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Dr. Sarita Rao | Most Popular Doctor In Apollo Hospital | सबसे लोकप्रिय डॉक्टर सरिता राव

Posted on: 13 Apr 2019 16:23 by Ghamasan India

Dr. Sarita Rao, the most popular doctor in Apollo Hospital
She is a better person than a doctor
Sarita Rao, doctor of Apollo Hospital, why everyone is praising

A super specialty doctor from Apollo Hospital says that we have kept baloon stand by, only if it is needed because it is a bit more expensive then why not apply for any concrete reason?

I was also quite shocked to hear that today, faith from the doctors is ending because they do all the unnecessary investigations to increase their bills so that they can get even bigger benefits. Then, it is very easy to listen to the heart specialists Dr Sarita Yadav Rao, who is enthusiastic and confident in the families of patients by not saying this to the non-essential expenses of Apollo Hospital.

Even a year ago, friend Ajay Jasoria had a heart problem, he was educated by Dr. Chirag Desai to take treatment with Dr. Sarita Rao. Then the worried family members were thinking that there would be either stunts or bypass surgery.

But Dr Madam Rao then discharged him saying that seeing one month after medicines becomes an effect, there will be no need of surgery, otherwise it is the option.


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